Professional Societies are widely recognized as a means for fast acquisition of professional experience in one’s field of specialization. A good, well-recognized professional society makes a positive addition to one's curriculum vitae. Networking connections made through membership in professional societies can lead to research partnerships, job advancement, lifelong friendships, and personal fulfilment and recognition. It is also an excellent way to learn more about a particular role or sector; for example, limitless interaction with professionals from non-profit or government sectors as well as those from the business sectors related to the profession. You will broaden your exposure beyond boundaries of your existing professional network, and cross paths with people from across your discipline, including leaders with whom you may otherwise not have met.

The time is here and now for you to join the African Society of Agronomy, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences (ASACSES)

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Publish your research in our widely acclaimed peer review journal, the African Journal of Agronomy, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences (AJACSES);
  • Write and or contribute chapters to books on aspects of your profession;
  • Play active roles in student activities;
  • Attend and make presentations in annual meetings;
  • Accumulate continue education units (CEU) by taking part in online webinars, courses, and professional examinations to update your skills;
  • Receive internationally recognized professional certification.
  • Contribute to the advocacy for more government support to agriculture in Africa;
  • Play a role in revolutionizing African agriculture;
  • Be a mentor of undergraduates and interns during annual meetings and beyond;
  • Inspire students considering a career in our fields of science;
  • Take advantage of the Career Placement Unit to secure a job, consultancy, etc.
  • Strengthen ASACSES by recommending a colleague or student as member.

Make the Most of Your Membership

Divisions of the Society

AGR  Section 1:  Agronomic Production Systems

AGR  Section 2:  Biometry and Statistical Computing

AGR  Section 3:  Climatology & Modeling

AGR  Section 4:  Education & Extension

AGR  Section 5:  Networking and Collaboration

AGR  Section 6:  Global Agronomy

AGR  Section 7:  Gender Issues and Gerontology

AGR  Section 8:  Entrepreneurship

AGR  Section 9:  Students Activities

CSC1 Crop Genetics and Breeding

CSC2 Crop Physiology and Metabolism

CSC3 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality

CSC4 Seed Physiology, Production & Technology

CSC5 Crop Protection

CSC6 Forage Crops and Grasslands

CSC7 Genomics, Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology

CSC8 Plant Genetic Resources

CSC9 Biomedical, Health-Beneficial & Nutritionally Enhanced Plants

SSC1 Division: Soils Consulting Procedures and Services

SSC2 Division: Forest & Grassland Soils

SSC3 Division: Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis

SSC4 Division: Pedology

SSC5 Division: Soil Biology & Biochemistry

SSC6 Division: Soil Chemistry

SSC7 Division: Soil Education and Outreach

SSC8 Division: Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition

SSC9 Division: Soil Mineralogy

SSC10 Division: Soil Physics and Hydrology

SSC11 Division: Urban and Anthropogenic Soils

SSC12 Division: Wetland Soils

SSC13 Division: Land Resources Management and Conservation

ESC1 Climatic Change

ESC2 Climatology

ESC3 Space Engineering

ESC4 Environmental Quality

ESC5 Pollution and Toxicology

ESC6 Water Management and Conservation

If you are interested in becoming a member, complete the attached application form, pay your annual subscription, and submit the form with evidence of payment to the address given on top of the form.

Make payment into 

African Society of Agronomy, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences (ASACSES);

Bank Name: United Bank for Africa (UBA) PLC Nigeria

Swift Code: UNAFNGLA

Beneficiary Account Number: 3001931931

Beneficiary Name: African Society of Agronomy, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

Beneficiary Address: Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

UBA Branch: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.